Your New Nonprofit Startup Package, this website, logo and video are for sale for a nonprofit environmental startup.

This name could also be great for other types of organizations that do something global and uplifting.

This site has been created by Commulinks of Colorado and our branding arm, Brandulinks, to be the home of your future nonprofit organization, Earth Up.

This website, the domain name, a promotional roll-out video and logo are for sale as a package to help you to get a running start for your nonprofit organization.

About Commulinks

We are consultants working with nonprofit organizations in Colorado and throughout the United States. We do a variety of communications and executive work for nonprofits. One of our areas of work is in helping nonprofits to build a brand image. We also help other types of businesses by developing domain names, as you can see on our Brandulinks website.

What you get with this package

We have built much of what you and your board of directors need to have an online presence from the get-go. With this package:

  1. Domain name

2. This professionally designed logo. The logo will be provided as-is only, with all essential deliverables, but you would be able to edit it in Adobe Illustrator if need be.

3. This website as-is, which you will be able to update with your organization’s current information. The site is built on WordPress, enabling you to add plugins and other features.

You will be able to turn this site over to a staff member or a developer for updates to include your organization’s information and future improvements to the site. If you wish for us to add your agency’s information for you, we can do that for an additional fee based on our hourly rate. However, we would not be able to completely redesign this site for you.

4) A <30 second roll-out video. We will do some minimal fine-tuning of this video to tailor to what your organization will be doing and deliver it to you finished.

Price: $2500

Please Note: As carrying costs increase with time and we continue to update this site, this price will increase. So it is important that you do not wait to purchase.

Delivery Everything in this package will be available for delivery to you beginning in December 27, 2021. Meanwhile, please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested.